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Prof. Tarja Knuuttila

I am a philosopher of science studying scientific modeling, representation, and interdisciplinary relations between different scientific disciplines. As part of my philosophical work I have developed an artefactual account of scientific modeling that contributes to our understanding of what makes models epistemically fruitful (Knuuttila 2005, 2011 2018). Although the philosophical questions I am interested in are general, my approach is geared towards contemporary science, and practice-oriented. In particular, I combine philosophical analysis with historical and empirical case studies, often in collaboration with scientists, or scholars from history and sociology of science. In addition to synthetic biology and economics, I have been working on language technology, and engineering sciences more generally, and also on commercialization of scientific research.

One of my areas of expertise is science and technology studies – I served as an Editor-in-Chief of Science & Technology Studies. For this project, I am focusing on the modal dimension of scientific modelling, especially in the context of the life sciences. Another goal of mine is to further develop the artefactual approach to modelling. Finally, I am addressing the dissemination of formal and computational methods across disciplinary boundaries through the close study of some widely used model templates.

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Image by Jessica D. Bicking