Team member

M.S. Moritz Kriegleder

I am a master's student in physics and cognitive science and interested in
the epistemological challenges at the interface of quantum physics,
life, and intelligence. I did my master's thesis in the emergent field of
quantum biology and am currently investigating the philosophical implications
of modeling living systems with quantum physics. In particular, I am
looking at quantum descriptions of biological phenomena and if they can
be considered mechanistic explanations. During my studies of cognitive
science, I developed an interest in the role of information in recent
quantitative descriptions of cognition, such as predictive processing.
In the context of the mind as an information processor, I want to
examine what notion of information contemporary theories of the brain
employ and in this way, contribute to the current discussion on the
possibility of artificial intelligence and artificial life.

Further information:

You can find further information on his website.

Photo by Jessica D. Bicking