Workshop Transdisciplinary Model Transfer and its Interfaces

Event date: 12 March 2021, 09:00 14 March 2021, 09:00

Mathematical modeling methods or models developed to advance knowledge in a particular disciplinary context are sometimes used to investigate different target systems in a different context. Prominent and recent examples include network theory, machine learning, and automata theory. While science has grown to be hyper-specialized and is producing ever finer sub-disciplines, its disciplinary boundaries or domain-specific knowledge have not deterred practitioners from deploying modeling methods or their products from other divisions of science. This workshop aims to make explicit both what this transferral of models and methods of modeling contributes to traditional debates in the general philosophy of science and whether it challenges the previous formulations of science (and if so, how).

Organizing Committee:

Paul Humphreys (University of Virginia)
Tarja Knuuttila (University of Vienna)
Chia-Hua Lin (University of Virginia)
Natalia Carrillo (University of Vienna)

Keynote Speaker: Mary Morgan (LSE)

Special Address: Paul Humphreys (U of Virginia)


Day 1 March 12 (Friday)

All presentations listed in Central European Time

13:30 Introduction (20 mins)

14:00 Keynote: Mary Morgan (London School of Economics)

15:30 Tarja Knuuttila, Andrea Loettgers, and Maximilian Noichl (University of Vienna) In sync across disciplines: A computational approach to template transfer

45 mins Halftime break

17:00 Hans Hesse and Johannes Lenhard (Laboratory of Engineering Thermodynamics, University of Kaiserslautern) Traveling with TARDIS. Prediction, Parameterization, and Ontology in Molecular Modeling and Simulation

18:00 Daniel Kostic (Institute for Science in Society, Radboud University) Perspectivism and the Veridicality Problem in Non-causal Explanations

19:00 Natalia Carrillo (University of Vienna) The Empirical Grounding of Template Transfer: A historical Perspective

Day 2 March 13 (Saturday)

13:30 Hsiang-Ke Chao (National Tsing Hua University) Traveling Model: Ingredients and Justifications

14:30 Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki) Co-production and participatory modelling: a case of game theory and management

15:30 Catherine Herfeld (University of Zurich) Crossing Domains: The Role of Translation in the Spread of Scientific Models

45 mins Halftime break

17:00 Chia-Hua Lin (University of Virginia) The Spillover Effect in Model Transfer

18:00 Charles Rathkopf (Jülich Research Center) On the empirical content of deep neural networks

19:00 Moritz Kriegleder (University of Vienna) The Free Energy Principle of Cognition - Model Transfer between Physics and Cognitive Science

Day 3 March 14 (Sunday)

13:30 Special Issue Proposal Discussion [Agenda TBA]

14:30 Axel Gelfert (Technische Universität Berlin) Model-based representation as interpretative practice: how, and when, models travel

15:30 Chiara Lisciandra (University of Groningen) Domain-specific explanatory norms and interdisciplinary collaboration

45 mins Halftime break

17:00 Special Address: Paul Humphreys (University of Virginia)

18:30 Round table discussion

19:30 Ending statement (15 mins)

Event location: University of Vienna, Universitätsstr. 7, 1010 Wien
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